Our Favorite Looks For Fall

Hey Hew Hunny's! This year is flying by and fall is right around the corner. Fall is one of our favorite times of the year, not only because the weather starts to cool down but also because fall fashion is unmatched! But ladies, what's a bomb look without the hairstyle to match. We have rounded up some of our favorite fall looks, so check them out down below:

1. Long hair with Bangs

Finally! It's starting to cool down and we can bring the inches back out. Fall is the perfect time to switch up your look and try out some bangs. Since the weather isn't so hot, we don't have to worry about our bangs being drenched in sweat and sticking to our foreheads. Whether you like to pair bangs with long sleek hair or some beautiful waves, this look will definitely have you fall ready!

2. Bold body waves 

Since we're pulling out the long hair, why not spice it up and some beautiful waves! The perfect waves will stop traffic and have everyone wondering how you got the look! They are super easy to achieve and last for days! They are also versatile so if your not a fan of long hair, waves with short hair are just as bomb.

3. Half up/ half down hairstyle 

This look is very trendy and if you have been wanting to try it, now is the perfect time! Many celebrities have been seen rocking the half up, half down and slaying it if we must say! You can achieve this look with any texture of hair so it's super versatile and works for just about everyone. You can even add your own little twist by adding accessories or even a few braids. However you decide to style it, we know you're gonna kill it!